Pirate Gazette
What`s planned in Seafight
Winter Madness
So much for frosty winter days! Nautica is boiling over with adventures for busy pirates. While the Greeks and Vikings meet for their annual winter duel, an ancient foe arises from beneath the icy waves.

Climb aboard for this new adventure, Captain, or take a trip down memory lane and enjoy all your winter favorites!
Harvest Moon
Soon the harvest moon will rise! A signal for people across Nautica to prepare the traditional harvest feast. Naturally, Robin, the cabin boy, wants to join in on the festivities!

Will the harvest festivities go smoothly? Or will some vile creature once again jump at the chance and steal all the delicious fruit? Keep an eye on your loyal cabin boy, Captain, before his credulity puts him into too much trouble!
Grog, Grog Everywhere!
Ahoy Captain! Are you ready to play it like a true pirate who follows the Code? Of course, you are! At least that’s what good ol’ Jack Hawk was saying.

If you’re up for a fun time of grog-guzzling and barrel smuggling, set sail for the Dark and Stormy Tides!
The Darkest of Eves

The Darkest of Eves
Hallows’ Eve approaches, the time even the most foolhardy knows to fear. None more so than William Bloodaxe – nightmares of crows and burning skulls haunt his sleep!

Is it all just superstition? Or is there more behind the thin veil, separating the world of the living from the dead?

While you’re out there fighting bone-chilling ghosts, keep an eye on the horizon. Rumors are afloat of experienced Admirals banding together to show the young’uns who’s calling the shots on the Thirteen Seas!
Atlantis awaits
By now you may have already embarked on your journey by asking Bill Ballard in Safe Haven about the latest rumours.

High Adventure in the mysterious depths!
Perils in the depths of the ocean await as we leave Nautica for the Deep Ways and the road to Atlantis. Mysterious enemies and strange allies are everywhere as you fight your way to wealth and glory!

The darkness of the deep lies before you, filled with untold dangers! Steer a path through unexplored fathoms of fear. Torpedoes, harpoons and more will all be needed to survive in these treacherous waters!
Underwater Allies? Friend or Foe?
Encounter the denizens of the deep as you find yourself in unexplored territory fathoms beneath the surface. Can anyone be trusted? Is there more to their stories than meets the eye? Unravel the threads of treachery and betrayal as you follow your destiny down into the murky depths on a quest for gold and glory.

The tribes that dwell in the hidden depths need your help, but the truth is much stranger than fiction. A web of deceit, horrors beyond imagine and a dark shadow that hangs across it all is waiting in the subterranean worlds below.
Heroes step up to go down in the deep!
Nautica becomes but a memory as you plunge into darkness on the adventure of a lifetime. Terror, peril and the crushing weight of the very oceans are just the start of your problems. Everything in the depths is out for blood and only the strongest and swiftest can survive.

Grab your gear and head for the depths of the ocean. Upgrade your submarines with the thickest hulls, build an arsenal of deadly torpedoes and hope this will be enough. It gets worse the deeper you dive.
The League of Captains
Introducing the League of Captains, a brand new feature that lets you lead a band of powerful and fearsome pirate captains!

Send them out on adventures to bring back hauls of loot! Assign them to perform tasks for you such as Bonus Maps, Daily quests and new captain missions!

The first tab displays your active ships. Here you can assign a captain a job.
Your captain must at least be the same tier as the job and have the right Perks.
Captains are obtained by opening Captain’s Chests.

A captain comes with a Captain’s Chest. These contain useful pieces of equipment, special upgrade items and a new type of currency, “Escudos”.

Getting started:

Your two special starter chests each come with a captain with relevant perks to start some bonus maps and daily quests.
You can also purchase additional Captain’s Chests in the store.

Now let´s head over to the Pier and start a job.
The Captain´s Pier
The pier can hold up to 3 ships. The first ship is yours to keep. Two additional ships can be chartered each for a week.

Click the button to assign a job.

The left displays the different jobs available. The right displays the captains you can select to complete the job.
To start a job, a captain must meet the required conditions:
- The captain must be at least the same tier as the job.
- If the job requires one or more Perks, the captain must have at least one that matches.
- The Risk factor of a job cannot exceed the captain’s current Vitality. (Vitality regenerates after a job’s completion).

When you have an eligible captain for a job, you can send them out to complete it. Your captain will spend time on the job. When they return you can claim your rewards.

Daily Quests and Missions will be reset every day.
Perks & Loot
Perks are additional modifiers to jobs and captains. A captain must have at least one Perk relevant to the job. Missions can have up to 4 Perks whereas captains can hold as many as 6.
Each Perk augments a mission with an additional chance for a "possible" loot item. This is only obtainable if the captain also holds the relevant Perk.
The chance to get these items is greatly influenced by the captain’s Luck value.

Each mission is guaranteed to bring in some loot. The amount of guaranteed loot is influenced by a captain’s Reputation value.

The Captain
There are many different captains, and they are rarely the same. Captains of the same family name (and portrait) will be recruited with a set of starting values and can have a Perk. Not all Perks can be generated on a specific captain (but you can transfer Perks between captains ->Empower).

Each captain has different starting values, their potential to grow and excel depends on these values. No captain will be perfect for every task, but from the beginning you can see if a captain has real talent, or maybe just the right Perks.

The Level of a captain increases by gaining experience from jobs. the maximum level of a captain is 10. Once a captain has reached level 10, you can promote them to the next Tier. Higher levels increase the values of each captain. When you raise your captains Tier it will unlock additional Perk Slots and also greatly increase their values.

Empowering Captains
By Empowering you can boost the XP of a captain by sacrificing another captain. This also has a chance to transfer a Perk.

With a Promotion you can raise your captain to the next Tier increasing their values and opening up new Perk slots.

In the Empower Interface you can select and add the captain to sacrifice to the bottom. Optionally you can add a potion from the right side, which improves the process in various ways.If you click “Empower” the bottom captain will be sacrificed. A portion of their XP will be transferred to the captain on target (top). There is a small chance to transfer a perk on to the target captain. But only if the following criteria is met:
- The target captain has a Perk Slot unlocked and empty.
- The sacrificed captain has at least one Perk that is not present on the target.

A captain that has never completed a job will still transfer a good amount XP to the target.
Promoting Captains
You can Promote your captain to the next tier. This will make them stronger and unlock a new Perk slot. There are 5 tiers:
- Outcast
- Harmless (green)
- Dangerous (blue)
- Elite (purple)
- Epic (orange)

Promotion is a costly process. Some conditions have to be met:
- The captain must have a full set of equipment of their current tier.
- The captain must have reached level 10.
- You must have at least one Orb of Promotion
- You must pay the required Escudos cost.

After promotion, the captain’s level resets and the Orb of Promotion is removed. Orbs of Promotion can be found in Captain´s Chests and as drops while forging equipment.
Each captain can be geared up with 4 different types of equipment. Head, Body, Hands and Talisman. These are items which grant the captain a bonus to their values. The bonus can add up and grant a percentage raise of the described value. If you want to raise your captain’s Luck, you can try to find or forge items with high Luck rolls, and so on.

Equipment is found in Captain´s Chests (in general always tier 1) and can be forged to improve it.

To Forge go to the Captain´s Equipment tab. Select an item you want to Forge (left list) and add another item as a material(right list). This material must be of the same type.

Click “Forge” and one of four different outcomes will happen:
The values of your item wil be re-rolled within it´s tier.

The item will be upgraded to the next higher tier.

The item will be downgraded to the next lower tier.

The item will change it´s bonus, but keep it´s type and tier

Additionally you can add a Catalyst to the material. When consumed, it manipulates the process to achieve a desired outcome, such as preventing a downgrade.